Famished Friday 11: the story of the Samosa

I have enjoyed shooting and preparing for Famished Friday. A friend of mine suggested i add a story behind the food.
So i decided to blog the samosa story.


I attended a baby shower recently for a dear friend of mine Ciiru.

Our gracious host sent for the above pictured yumminess and i could not resist but take a few for you my lovelies 😀

as i went to pick up one because Marende told my taste buds that they was smoking hot, dripping of the just right amount of essential oils, the tingling sensation in my mouth was unbearable so one more quick shot and i was ready to indulge

ONE bite and they were COLD awwww NO so i resorted to eat these

Have a fulfilling Day filled with Delich Yumminess 🙂

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One thought on “Famished Friday 11: the story of the Samosa

  1. wow, these are really good!

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