Famished Friday16: Honey glazed Breasts

My girlfriend Naomi Mwai came home for a night of food and Movies and this is what we ended up making making a quick  delicsh-yummy Honey-Glazed Breasts.

Naomi really wanted wings but i guess i won…

We also made a Beetroot and Carrot salad that just made our taste bud’s even more hmmmm whats the word, tingle?


Chicken with Salad here it is

Am thinking of throwing a free Family or engagement shoot in September keep it Yummy people 🙂 God Bless

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5 thoughts on “Famished Friday16: Honey glazed Breasts

  1. honey glazed what? every wife needs these..

  2. they look really yummy!

  3. naomi on said:

    you took so long to put this up but it was yummy next time we’ll have wings!!!!

  4. aika-grace wangwe on said:


  5. Reblogged this on Shikumwathi's Blog and commented:
    Raata you make me so hungry

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