Something Coastal… streetfoodfotography

I was down at the coast and i had myself a glorious time…

the street-shikakis 🙂

We were in town during Iftar and the generous food stall owner invited us to break the fast with them… the texture of the newspaper that acted as our plate was simple and gave the DATE a rustic feel dont you agree…

No sooner had the proprietor put the dates on our make shift plate than he came with a black paper bag that he reached in and scattered potatoes the color just blew me away…

as i snapped away we could hear the prayers blaring from a near-by mosque and people on the street came and took something from the plate…

Amazing street food culture 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Something Coastal… streetfoodfotography

  1. it looks really yummy!

  2. Oh…that kuku that you guys left unfinished!!! ><

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