My Magadi….

OneTOUCH LIVE  Shooting Kenya…Being part of the Secret society of Photography, oneTOUCH, we started the oneTOUCH live episodes. These saw us going far and wide for the sake of the shot.

This edition took us to Magadi, seeing some of us up and about *powerless* thanks to Kenya Power at four thirty in the morning. The generous @Steve Kitoto picked Kevin Ouma and David Sikobe & myself for this trip. At exactly six in the morning we arrived at Uhuru Park, the first ones to arrive and we waited for the sun to take a peek. Within minutes the others arrived @jaydabliu, @Truthslinger @dipwiz @shaydest, @joemakeni & @proffkatts, @nkatetei, @paulobuna, @shani @mwarv @nyingez all driving up to set up in lieu of the sunrise. As we awaited the luscious rise of the ball of energy excited chatter went all round.

Within two clicks I had had my fill of the energy source… No sooner had we finished shooting than @Mwarv led us to praying for our city.  At this moment please say a prayer over Nairobi.  The City in the SUN.

We high tailed to Ngong, we thought we were going to have breakfast & we ended up here

The wind energy is a definite clean  and alternative source of energy to Kenya Power no? Remember the four thirty morning ordeal?

Hunger led the restless crowd of Vijana Chipukizi,  all seventeen of us down the dusty rugged road. If we only knew this was preparation of things to come… TEREN 🙂

Within minutes we were in Ngong town looking for a *ChaPartie* place this is traditional for the oneTOUCHLive crew have a chai (Kenyan Tea) & Chapati breakfast.

Twenty-eight Chapatis, Seventeen Chai’s and a whooping eighty bob a head bill we were on our way to Kona Baridi, our rendezvous spot.

We stopped here for some shots and laughter and conversation. There is something inspirational about sharing a day with people with a similar love & you make a living out of it.

The Long dusty road led us to Kitalu,

Kitalu, a new quaint, warm, very family oriented set-up, ran by a young entrepreneur, it is directly opposite Ole-Polos, consider it when you are along this road sometime, where the owner was kind enough to open and take the life of a goat in our honor…

We patiently waited for this goat meal, as soon as the second round of dry fried goat meat arrived. Is when @Mwarv informed us of the time and we needed to head to Magadi.


The sun Chase ensued. This basically means we were at least 60km away from the perfect spot to get the sun setting …

We literally drove as fast as the sun was going down the hills around us.

This one lost a brake pad…  the boys fixed him good. And back to the chase we were. We arrived into the bush, yes the bush we parked inside the bush to get this for you…

We have a vision of bringing to you the glory of God. Take Care and God Bless.

… of Sugar, Spice, Sunshine & a dash of Fairy Dust, Adieu.

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3 thoughts on “My Magadi….

  1. Superb narration… part 2?

  2. I love this post… Great story… Great shots… I love the “Townace”, windmills and sunset… Very good job!

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