A gentlemen’s Affair

i was very excited about this wedding, i met the gentlemen at 10am, how happy was i? this was my second time shooting with Mwarv and shooting the grooms side…. We had a blast. FOR REAL These guys are friends for life

Meet MELVIN the groom

He laughed easily and was so relaxed u’d not have know it was HIS wedding day.

i liked how he and his friends broke into a random dance… FUN TIMES i tell you

The watch just said it, but nothing could prepare me for this CLASSIC event.

Melvin is smitten by his lovely Hilda who on twitter he refers to as his “RoomMate” this picture mushed me…

yes this happened ALOT… blocking the world for “us” time.

Remember the WATCH? yes sir CLASSIC

i was highly honored to be part of this wedding. here is the other NON mushy side from Mwarv’s eye.

To Mela & Hilda it was a pleasure

…to have & to hold

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